Battle Cry I: Joan of Arc

Take up the weapons of salvation
and seek forth change,
and righteous rule!

By no king
adorned by the robes of falsity,
come covet my soul and freedom.

Call forth and know
while tyranny rules this land
shall no man rule this heart.

Through blessed anointment of the water,
of the font of god
we brand forth the mark of regalia
far deeper than any circlet.

Now forth with, call valor!
And let slip the twisted ink
take final writ,
and smear the walls of Orleans
with the blood of the aristocracy.

gloire à dieu
gloire à la France!

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Jean D'Arc

Madness or Magic - myth or mountain, she was inspiration for a nation before she was discarded and burned by the circlet wearers. Twisted ink as blood was an intersting take on bloodletting from veins - you captured more than ambiance, you captured the sweat from hersainted soul - nice to read because it was well written - A