Your Goodnight Kiss

This night alone
away from you.
The dark lit moon
showers down upon me.
I wont think of you,
no I can’t bear the thought,
No, tonight I sing my lullaby.

A breath away from you
Hands entwined as two
Love is simple
But so strong,
Don’t forget your goodnight kiss

My empty home,
away from you.
The whiperwhill outside my window
It brings back, those thoughts of you,
those thoughts of us two.

A breath away from you,
our hands entwined as two.
Love is simple
but so strong.
please, don’t forget your goodnight kiss

I feel the sounds inside my heartstrings,
the pain goes on unending.
I can’t believe im left without you.
Please don’t forget me.
Please Don’t forget your
good night kiss.

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grantrizmo2002's picture

solid piece

You had real good word choice. You didnt try to squeeze things in. only critique I have, is some of your timing/flow is shuttered in parts. And your capitalization of some random letters is confusing alittle. Solid piece though. just be careful of timing..thumbs up!