Where I belong

Stray into thoughts of the sea crashing upon the shore

It’s as if never before have I witnessed something to adore

My aching body sways about as it collapses upon a hardwood floor

Fools and kings spiral to and fro as I wake into my never ending war

There was good, bad, and a lot of crap I tried to ignore

A hammered heart on a fortune wheel spinning round as fate implored

Today a windfall, tomorrow misfortune, pray live life by my own accord

While a will slumbers deep in the catacombs of my mind awaiting to be restored

Surely todays the day to take control and pick up that plastic sword

Leave all those narcissistic faces, swashbuckle across all the distant places

I was here today too long, stand up and go beyond to find where I belong

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i dont know if its quite finished, but could be like this by itself

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this is really awesome!!!

this is really awesome!!! :O


lovely poem indeed!

Matthew 7:14

The Narrow Gate

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I was today here too long. i

I was today here too long. i like that line. we can stand and be in one place

or be moving at a breaknek pace and still. yet be somewhere too long

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Ah ! the beckoning of the mysteries of human existence

Wonderful write cruxination .Ah ! the beckoning of the mysteries of human existence.Reminds me of "All the world's a stage....." of the Bard actors with "plastic swords" & "never ending war"



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is a great way to approach each hour. ~A~