Betrayal 2

Depressed Poetry

Ruptured hearts fall from the sky like rain

Covering the streets with blood.

Hatred flows like a river

Filling the harbors inside my head.

Empty promises fly out of your mouth

Flooding my ears with hope.

Misery streams across your face

And clouds my bruised soul

Insincere tears fill your eyes

Causing my heart to feel pity

Lies spew forth from your mouth

Flooding my eyes with pain

Tossed aside like garbage

This waste that I've become.

Trapped inside like a prisoner

Screaming for my revenge.

Waiting patiently for the day

A smile can reclaim my face.

Counting down every second

Just waiting for the chance.

Rip your heart out of your chest

This is what pain feels like.

Banish all the past memories

Soon, I can forget.

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