World Of Pain

Depressed Poetry

My heart aches to save him

He is lost in a world of pain

As the knife cuts

And the blood flows

My eyes overflow

Tears streaming down my face.

I'm lost in a world

I've known for too long.

The pain and suffering

Too much to bare.

Hes saved me from this world

Only to join it himself.

The scars are too much

I can't stand to see.

I wish my eyes were deceiving me.

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Ashley Alafberg's picture

beautiful poem, very sad of the situation; i hope it's getting better. keep up the great work!

Nediot's picture

I wish my eyes were deceiving me.

a Damaged crazy soul

ozzypoemgirl's picture

sweet i'm sorry for all the pain you're through wish there was something i could do!

Thia Alisha Araya von Sacher-Masoch's picture

Great piece of writing about self-harm, really enjoyed it, and as an ex-cutter myself I could relate, it made me think of how my family and friends felt about my cutting - devastated and upset, just like you feel about 'his' cutting (is he a friend? Boyfriend?).
Alisha x