Wishing Upon A Star

Love Poetry

Darkness soaks the sky,

as twinkling stars bring beauty.

Outside my room I stand,

gazing up like in a trance.

Inside my heart floods with hope,

wishing you to be looking too.

Like a moment of closeness,

only my heart can feel.

The stars held so precious,

a sight i want to share with you.

Laying in your arms all night,

or just a moment in time.

Show my true love for you,

maybe on such a night.

Beneath the stars,

a memorable night.

Look to the sky tonight

feel my arms surround you.

Ignite the love inside your heart,

with each and every kiss.

Someday I will have my wish,

to feel such eternal bliss.

Falling in love all over again,

undernearth the stars with you..

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M A U I's picture

i love this .. it's very romantic. and the stars always inpire romantic thoughts i guess ^_^