Gentle Whisper of a Kiss

Love Poetry

Of all the hearts in this world,

I've found the perfect one for me.

It's captivated all of my soul,

and holds itself close to me.

Surrounding every curve of my body,

I feel the love it gives out.

Only for my heart is this love,

it's gentle promise to me.

Soft whispers in the wind,

of all that we could do.

Tempting wishes of desires,

played before the mind's eye.

Teasing with slow kisses,

gentle touches on soft skin.

Hopes of dreams fulfilled,

sealed within our eyes.

True devotion to one another,

like no other relationship before.

Dancing through each beautiful day,

with our hearts soaring in our hands.

Never a lie to cross these lips,

so as not to reach your ears.

Only words full of true love

should you ever hear.

Lingering lips upon kisses,

hearts that are only true.

Everything in my world,

is what I have to offer to you.

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