[Just] Words on a Screen

Love Poetry

Words on a screen

that may be all I am to you

but for me

you are an inspiration

you are the smile on my face

the sparks that fly in my heart

a true friend.

Maybe it is words on a screen

but theres more then just that

With the ability to hide

behind this screen

your more open

able to bare your soul.

I'm lucky

I get to see what I hope

is the real you

Not needing to hide

inside yourself.

We're all human

mistakes are made

The key is to forgive yourself

and move on with life.

Head to the future

forget the past!

But what do I know?

I'm just a kid, right?

And just words on your screen...

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Terri T's picture

Im assuming this is about internet relationships (I may be wrong)but this can be applied to so many different situations in real life...hope they'll like the real you and that you know the real them...brilliant, I especially love the way the poem is concluded.
Terri T