4 Little Words

Love Poetry

Each mile that separates us

Is a hole in my heart.

The love I feel for him

Is so completely real

It's almost like a dream

That I dont ever want to wake up from.

With every word he speaks

My heart falls farther.

He smiles at me and whispers

I love you too.

And all the sadness in my life disappears,

There is only him

Standing in front of me

Speaking to my soul.

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Terri T's picture

I think it very clever that the poem is about those '4 little words' rather than the original three, it creates a whole different situation and completely different emotions. Well done
Terri T

M A U I's picture

wow, so it means you said i love you first! how sweet .. ^_^ and i like this one, it's so heartfelt, and i could relate to it so much. ^_^