Portal To Your World

Love Poetry

Portal To Your World

Another sun fades into the dust of darkness

as the stars provide the only light to see by.

I lay alone in the confines of my empty room,

hoping if only for a whisper of your voice.

Encased within the warm touch of my blankets,

I close my eyes and dream of you laying beside me.

Awoken only by the silent ring of the portal

that leads me to the comfort of your world.

My heart skips a beat as the voice on the other

end eases my mind into a pit of calming passion.

My eyes slowly slipping down their lids again

I fall deeper into the magic we have created.

Dreams of floating clouds and passionate kisses,

his arms are always around me, holding me tight.

His voice filling my mind with images of pleasure

that my heart has longed to find upon this earth.

We dance together within my dreams, our souls

intertwining with the beat of our touching hearts.

I lose the short grasp on reality as I tumble into

the arms of the walking angel of my dreams.

The colors seem to fade as his smiles fills my

entire soul with a happiness I've never known.

A love that starts to burn itself within my body

consumes every ounce of love held within my heart.

The sun rises as it peeks its light into the shadows

I wake up once more to a lonely room, waiting.

Waiting for the prince of angels to rescue me

from the darkness that eats away at my life.

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my_thoughts's picture

WOW very vivid, I like it when people write with alot of detail so that I can picture what they are talking about and how they are feeling. Great Piece!