Almost Long Lost


You dint have to worry
About me
Running around on you

It took almost two years
Before I came around
And came to you

But when I finally did
And I realized what I almost lost
I clung to it

And now that you are mine
One hundred and fifty percent all mine
I’m not going to let you go

Not to any woman
And damn sure not to any man
Because I love you

And that ain’t going to change
I want to have your child
And let you raise him

Because I know he’ll b better off
With you as his father
Because I want us to be a family

Because I want that
And I know that you want that too
So lets make that happen

Written on
February 4, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is about my boyfriend. I did damn near lose him. So close in fact, that I get whiplash even thinking about it. I just had to write this poem so I could remember and show it to him, 'Look what I wrote.' He liked it, as he likes everything that I write. Thats why I love him, because he is so supportive and sweet, I think you should look at 'All About Us' just so u get an idea of what he means to me.

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