To Master


Give me my orders

I do as you wish

Tell me what to do

I am your bitch


Treat me like shit

Please slap me again

God and everyone knows

That I love to sin


Whip me harder

It’s what I deserve

It’s what you wanted

And it’s you I serve


Please hurt me

I love to bleed

I want it too much

It’s now become a need


Punish me master

Please make me cry

Deep down inside

I just want to die


Torment me please

Isn’t it easy to see

That I love it

Now give it to me



Written on

October 5, 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was right along the lines of "Death By Roses." With the only exception that this one is real. I have discovered that i like being the Submissive type. Expessially if I am with a good Dom.

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