Paper Heart Ghosts

The Kids Stuck Down,

His Name is Sergeant So and So,

Passed Straight Down Through The Blow Hole,

Right Past The Stretchy Styled-Ends,

In the Garden Grove Bend,


A Contact with the Great Golden Goose,


Pacin' and Rustin' Around Town,

Kids' Got a Bad Disposition,


Thoughts Kept Sergeant So and So Stuck in the Ground,

He Plays Castle With The Grapes,


Divine Wind Coming Down,


Well It Comes,

And It Goes,

The Strangeness he Feels,

Like Paper Heart Ghosts,


And So Mr. Sergeant So and So Sank Through Pocket Holy Holes,

Deep Into Dusk Filled Right Rows,

Claustrophobic Dust Low,

Blackening Packs Of Blurry Eyed Us,

Money Made Back In Piggy Bank Backs Breaks Pretty Little Thinking Tanks,


Well It Comes,

And It Goes,

The Strangeness he feels,

Like Paper Heart Ghosts

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Beatnik1979's picture

well done, man

very enjoyable read