If love is happiness

then why do we look for love

just to risk being in pain.


you lose yourself

Your heart and your brain.


They teach us everything in school

but they forgot about love.


Cause everything we do is never 



Everything is perfect for a moment

You don't realise how much of you

Is falling.


You do everything to please the person

But then they cut u off, for no reason.


Wish someone would  point me to the right one

It would be easier than playing with my own 



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just like playing russian

just like playing russian roulett 

ron parrish

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Hey word_man

Like looking for reasons that are elusive and knowing they will remain hidden. The pain is too big and time will clear the terrain and causes will start unveiling. Maybe. - slc



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hey girl,i have been in the

hey girl,i have been in the hospital for 23 days ,had open heart surgery,just got hoome tuesday

lol,happy birthday to me

ron parrish