The dagger within My Heart

My heart as cold as Ice
Makes you freeze in Pain
The way you are

I gave u my love
You took the dagger to it
I let u into my soul
You changed it to your own pleasure

I handed my heart to you with my hands
You squeezed it till there was no beat anymore
The pain you inflicted on me has killed me deep inside

I have nothing left no more but to lay in my grave
I give u my heart i will rip it from my chest
So you can feel what i feel for the cold bliss of your love

My soul will return to this earth to show you how bad
You killed my hopes and dreams
You will see what you have done

Let me slice a little on my wrist let the blood run free
let me stab my heart to wash my pain from everyone
let me slit the neck so i can be free of this world and feel no more
Just set me free let me live with no pain

Please Just take the dagger from my heart
Take it from my soul
Just let everything flow free

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absolutely breath-taking this

absolutely breath-taking this was an amazing read please keep writing this has so much raw emotion and the power of these words could really put the reader in the situation nice job

please comment and suggest how to make my work better :) i love outside opinion