Pain of love

There was a time

in my life

when I fell in love

she was the one for

the one for me

or So I thought

I bought her everything

I thought she was happy

then time passed on

she left me with no

Reason why

My heart breaks

everytime someone

mentions her name

what did I do wrong

will I find true love

will I be able to love again

or will the pain of love

subside with me!!

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Listen. Sometimes people can change either good or bad. Sometimes the person you love isn't the person you met 'X' number of days, months, or years ago but always remember that they're changing and so are you. If you're in a relationship with someone and that person doesn't love you the way they did before but you still love them, it's inevitable that you would feel heartbroken. I believe that even with all the pain, anger, or loneliness you get from losing that special someone, it's something that you'd have to accept. That's life. I know from way too many experiences to know this because I've been caught in this too. But remember that nothing is ever lost. Even with that person gone you still have the memory of him or her buried in your mind and in your heart. You had the opportunity to have a 'slice' of them when they were still changing and that person has a slice of you when you were changing. And that to me is priceless. I don't know about you out there and what circumstances in life you have, but I know that eventually all of you will find someone who will truly love you for the person that you are. Someone who would accept you and embrace all the changes that are going inside of you. That person will accept not only the good changes but the bad ones as well. Aside from that, I think it's really idiotic to yearn for someone, you know? When you feel you can't move on without that other person. I just think that you're letting go of the opportunity to find someone else who could accept these changes happening in you. Not only that but doesn't it seem that you're holding on to nothing, which in my opinion, should be a another person, not a memory - stubbornly holding on to a memory to me is holding on to nothingness. There's nothing wrong with pining for someone you once love but I think there must be a time to pick the broken pieces and move on. Take this analogy. You dip your hand into a pool of water. The water embraces your hand, it conforms to it but what happens when you pull your hand out? The water lets go. But wait! Something still remains. Little droplets of water are still clinging to you and will never leave you at all. I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say here. The person who you loved leaves us. But the memory of it never will.