A friend

A friend is someone that you can talk too

A friend is someone you can tell your darkest secrets

A friend is someone who will never let you down

So I thank you many time,

To the extreme

You have been that friend

You have stuck by me when I was down

When I was sad and needed a shoulder to cry on

Day after day I cant wait to talk to you

Because I know you would be there

Threw thick and thin

When I am hurt you are always there

To lift me to my feet

Life will change us

We will not be together forever

But I hope you will always remember me

When I am not around

I hope you find a new friend

And that person will know how it feels

To have a friend like you

Thanks for everything.

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

True friendship is a treasure. You're very fortunate to cross paths with that person and to let them grow into your mind and heart. Nice write.

*~9704 ~*'s picture

well expressed