January 2019

Curiosity, what was it again that made her aimlessly steer off the steady beaten and path?

In the sense of going off into a strange place that she'd never been to be for, was it just sheer curiosity that made her  wander off, or was it just out of her sense of adventure that made her go to the places she'd never been to just to see if there was new things to explore and investigate, and learn? She always wanted to find the unique not the common. The unique things were they meant to be learned or found if so, were they meant for her to seek out and find? She has a heart of gold and as thick as no harm would be brought to her as she curiously and slowly at first began a to learn, seek, and find what was awaiting her in the adventures to come.

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and now she only has more

and now she only has more cutisioty 

ron parrish