Just A Note


More so a rant on an everyday basis,

These things I write are my oasis.

For apple trees and shiny things,

Or playing with the leaves.

They find someone who completes them.

Boy or girl whos more then friend.

They ditch you at every sign,

They are theirs, not mine.

I get ditched for partners galore,

I see no point in trying anymore.

I want to be a friend nothing more,

But you turn your head, and ignore.

What happened to friends, when did it change?

When did talking become something so strange.

I don't like how things are, it makes me unhappy.

God forbid this poem sounds incredibley sappy.

Out with the old, in with the new is how it goes.

Your lack of compassion and self-absorbance shows.

We all want happiness it's not yours to hog.

It's inevitable like a clock with a clog.

We all need to be loved, we all need to love.

But when it came for a push you gave a shove.

All in all we always are ditched by the best.

And then we're stuck with all of the rest.

So just this point of information to let you know,

In a relationship, a friendship is what you throw.

You ditch me for your lover, and when you're both done,

Don't try to use me as your fucking back-up, I'll be gone.

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babe1233's picture

this is amazing i knwo the feeling to this poems i've felt it too too many times with all of my friends and you know what i mean and i have delt wit it too, love the words its amazing
love always babe