Bored and Beautiful

Older stuff

Maybe its because you light up the day

When you send a cute smile my way

It could be your sweet face

That gets my heart in a race

Thinking of you makes me smile

So I think of you all the while

When you're not here, its you I miss

Long embracing moments, wanting one kiss

Stroking your cheek,looking eye to eye

I will be there for you whenever you cry

Holding you, letting our hearts beat in sync

Looking for completion, you are my link

You truley are this wonderful, you are this sweet

You make me lose my breath everytime we meet

Tender moments, embracing the true love

you really do seem like something from above

Listening to everything you say with an open ear

I'll help with anything you may fear

You are beautiful and you are the one I care for

The love I feel for you is so great, I could never feel more

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to trisha <3

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babe1233's picture

aww hunnie this is summer sweet you love my bestfriend so much and she is lucky to have you, please love her always

love babe

Trisha's picture

Jeff, you are an amazing guy and so sweet. i love the poem you wrote about me, it was so good and loving. You mean so much to me and i know how much you love me, well i'll never really know but i have an idea. i love you babe a lot, and you're someone i want to spend the rest of my life with. Love always, Trisha xo