Hopeless Romance


A deep yearning to hold the one you love, but never having the ability to have. Existance is a futile effort to remain sympathetic to those around you, when you have no sympathy for yourself. Always loving but never achieving love from someone else has a long lasting consequence. You realize how lonely being alive really is. Despair only if you know what you think is right. Otherwise you are just a pessimistic fool without a clue.Love is eternal and will always be with you but it is up to you to unlock it, and sometimes it seems like you put too much effort into doing so, and just when you think you have achieved the perfection of loneliness you wake up in the night knowing that there is no one out there that cares anymore. Two personalities clashing to take the priority of the human complexity that is known as myself. The longing to be loved and have respect to fill this egotistical pride, and the other which has been trampeled on endlessly that longs to be a loner, to drift from this world and everyone in it. Just giving into the thoughts is all you can do when you don't know where to turn. Emotionless and sadistical, this enigma of a life is sometimes the most reckless thing you can imagine, but you can't help but feel useful when you know you make a difference in someone's life. Keeping up with a smile so fake and a compassion so well hidden that you don't want to show it to anyone. Protecting yourself from love is all you can do sometimes because hatred and depression consume when you don't make the right choices and you are left to reflect on every instance that you have screwed up in life, and you know...things aren't right when they should be.

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Hunn you have an amazing talent for writing and you've always had a way of helping everyone, especially me thanx for being there and maybe one day i can return the favor
love babe

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Everything that led you here is what makes you special....remember that