Floating Boat

Simplistic thoughts and an eager mind. Don't dwell on the pain of others because you're too good to. Smile to the world because it's a beautiful smile that you have. Hiding is just an escape everyone does it, but don't think you need to hide all the time. Your choice of words are always warm and inviting, easy to comprehend even though I tend to overthink. You have a way of eddying around my mind, but as quickly as you're there, is the quickness in which you leave. You have a gambol that leaves me to misunderstand that you think intellectualy and emotionally only to yourself. You like to pretend you're a monster but you don't have the look to do so. Black hearts and simple dances to show a lost infection of how deep one can truly get. Misheard compliments, and unguided comments leave a sour note when there is no one around to share common experiences. You can be very whimsical or very down-toned but you're still the same person, and that's enough to respect you for a life time. I write dark because I have nothing to look forward to sometimes, but when you're around you lighten up the day, thus ruining my bad days. We're both bad influences to ourselves but we have that much in common as well. Don't take darkness as hatred though because it means so much more then the common red. Black heart is the way I am, it has many possiblities that it's endless, and it can be grave beauty or undying potential. I can pretend not to look forward to seeing you, but it's an obvious lie. Never think of darkness because you are a bright light, and you make me proud to know you. You are special and emphasize everything that is good in the world. Keep smiling.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

good moods are joyous.

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Steff's picture

hmm...about me...written by yu...how could i NOT ABSOLUTLY LOVE it!!! I adore how yu remember the lil' things that we talk about (gambol...eddying...oh yeh english vocab ;)) how i claim i'm a monster n' yu just don't belive me. amazing... yu really impress me, doesn't matter whut yu do. i love the way yu love my smile, ahaha, makes me happy, anywhu, all i can say is i adore yu and yur poetry. keep it up :)

Stephen Burgess's picture

Hey Asshole. Where is my special poem, come on now show some love for a nig... A knight!