Relentless Ambition

Cuts and scrapes don't wear me down

Every time I see you frown

I will be there at a simple calling

Ignoring any burdens I may be hauling

Consideration and admiration is what I offer

Listening to your pain, I am softer

Cry to me when you're in pain, Cry to me when you're not

Let me listen when you're distraught

I will listen with open heart

I won't stop helping until we part

Everything in limbo, you can't decide

All the emotions you try to hide

I am filled with compassion to the matters at hand

Only talking to understand how you feel

I will pick you up when you cannot stand

Having no power to keep you up, I will always kneel

I can be emotionless, but that doesn't mean I don't care

Ambiguity and compensation are my delightful pair

Whenever you feel like life is beating you and you're in a snare

Just remember when you need me, I'll be there.

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Staci's picture

wow jeff, your writing is amazing. i definitly love you AND your writing :)<3 keep it up

Robin's picture

I have to say you are an incredible writer. I've read them all and really know how to get the reader to relate to what you are feeling. take care.

Charles Cosgrove's picture

Bravo....i see your toying with verse....wd