Newspaper Girl


Glistening with the potential of an unknown person, you have ways of awe-inspiring conversations. You like to make me feel sure of myself, and confidence is what I lack. You always have a wonderful smile to compensate the lack of care in the world. Yet somehow I don't even think about troubles when someone as wonderful as you is around, how I long to feel the comforting warmth of just a simple hug, only knowing thats it's you that I would be hugging. Mele kalikimaka is what you say, to celebrate a holiday of your favorite place's language. I listen with compassion, to every word you say because I know you have time put into each thought that you think. You are wonderfully gorgeous and have a whimsical personality. Everything you talk about leaves me wishing I knew more. You keep me intrigued, with little effort, because I know it's you who is talking. If I have nothing more to look forward to in a conversation then just knowing its you, its seeing that beautiful smile of yours that melts my heart.

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Heh, warmness

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aww its mushy and sweet i got a fuzzy warm feeling hahah i love it jeff it made me wonna know more but there was no more lol but you should write more mushy stuff your so so good at it

love babe