Pi (freewrite)

It's been the same ever since our meeting, like pi you and I just keep on repeating these motions of madness and menace and malice, wearing down my heart yet never leaving it calloused enough to ever get over the pain and the strife of simply knowing that you will never be my wife. Too many times I've made a fool of myself with my love and my lust and meandering dreams that take me far away to a world where it seems that for just one moment we shared a single heart, that our two conjoined ventricles could never be apart, pumping with rhythm, with rhyme and with reason, our passion its only fuel. Yet every time, my mind gets the better of me, making me believe some false reality where you actually love me, where you actually could, where you actually kiss me, where you actually would. And I start to think I can make it real by telling you exactly all the love that I feel for you and your being, your soul and your smile, your strength and your kindness, your grace and your style, but no matter what I say, it just isn't enough to fill your gorgeous soul up, with love and with passion like you deserve. Something about me will always keep you away from loving me as deeply as I do you, and I've come to accept this as simply being life and love, and the distress and pain that come with loving someone with everything you can. Regardless there's nothing I can do to force us together, so instead I've set my sights on finding someone higher who fits me better than you and your amazing mind which seems to fit me so well, but in truth it doesn't at all. So fuck it, fuck that and fuck this, fuck love and fuck hatred, fuck your eyes and your lips, I can't take it anymore, I'm done, I'm through, just know that regardless of how far away I fall, theres no way I could stop loving you.

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