One Poem Every Day

Life is fucking terrifying

The world has gone mad

People are crazy

Humanity is fucked up

What are we to do?

Is there no hope?

Or is hope all we have?

We are blind animals

Stumbling in the dark

Trying to avoid the terrors

That could kill us on contact

Hope is all we have

We rely on this intangible thing

To keep us going

Life is so short

So futile

So pointless comparitively

Yet it really is all we have

What kind of fucked up arrangement is that?

They take a thing

Give it sentience




And then put a limit on it's lifespan

Kill it when their time is up

Then let their memory fade into nothingness

Paling in comparison

To the grandiosity of the universe.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Entry #8! I wrote this on August 5th, 2014. Inspiration... Is I guess just life being overwhelming.

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Destination Is Wisdom

If you walk around in the Profound long enough, wisdom oozes out, like here - enjoyed the fresh take on chaos - you rock Lioness - Just bein' Stella.