One Poem Every Day

My late night soliloquy

Is a choice made actively

To avoid the cacophony

Of the extroverted bourgeoisie. 

My thoughts buzz happily

And I enjoy their activity

While they create their harmony

Forming a symphony

That is all mine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Entry #7! I wrote this on August 4th, 2014. It's late and I'm tired, and a little lazy so the poem kinda reflects that but I like it :) I tried experimenting with near rhyme this time.

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allets's picture

The Last Line

was a surprise. Soliloquy? I'm a Hamlet fan and can't remember the spelling. Rhymes were enjoyable and made me smile - Just bein' Stella.





Cowardly.Lioness's picture

I think you're right on the

I think you're right on the spelling of soliloquoy :) Whoops!