Is a funny phenomenon

Full of phantasmagorical feelings

That flutter

And beat

And tickle my insides

It begins like a firework

Sudden and bright

Electrically shocking

Attraction ignites with a soft bang

Shifting my perspective

Like a new lens on the world

Coloring it with a rosy hue

Then love calms down

And sets up permanent residence 

Inside my chest

The heart is its home.

The fire may die

But love smolders on

It is always there. 

With every day

The love grows

Like a steadfast sunflower

Striving to reach the golden orb

As the hands of the clock

Tick tock forward

You forget love is there

It is now a comfort

An anchor

Life would not be the same without it

It holds like a barnacle
Boud to my being

It permeates every action

Every gesture

Every smile

Even each tiny twitch

Odiferates of love's particular aroma

But happily so.

Even when the love inside me

Is solo

Unconnected to another soul

I need it to be there.

The love inside me

May cry and wail

But it is an essential evil

Without it,

There is nothing.

Absence of feeling

My insides would wither

And die

If its boarder was absent.

But with it,

With love,

Life has a purpose

And a meaning.

And since my love coexists

And mingles

With another's love

It is content

And at rest.

But through all the highs

And the lows,

My love is my life. 

One hundred and ten percent mine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this the other day about love. Might need some edits, but I think it captures love pretty well :)

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I like this

very much



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot