Everyones right I will never be the same, Ill never get over you until I get you back and make you insane. Foe 6 months you had my head up in clouds, and you just stand around saying all lies acting proud. Ill never get over the fact of what you did, Right now its no sweat off your back kid. But later on you will find out why I did what I did. You said something that ruin me and my life, and believe me when im done with you, its gonna suck trying to find a wife.

Sweetheart, you fucked with the wrong chick.

You wont get no girl better then me with that small dick.

                                       Fucking PRICK!!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How upset I was....It turned Into anger but help me get through the pain!!!!

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Craig Morris's picture

I think that the poet here is using her talent for cathartic reasons- and it must have done the trick! Wonderfully angry, and offensive, this poems bubbles with rage. Poetry is clearly a wonderful way of spleen-venting. I love it!