Doubting god


God, who is God

Is god a male or a fmale

Is it real or mythical?

No one ever really knows the truth

THey pray and pray

but who are you praying to?

How would you feel that all along

you prayed to the air

Where do people go when they die

Wait....... is there a such thing as a heaven or hell?

God, how come the bible is written by men

Why is there so much unwrongful justice in the world?

Why do people have to be soo cruel?

How can God provide us with these necessarys

when you can't hear or see him or her

How can you love something or someone if you don't

see it

How can you let a book manipulate your life

HOw come there are facts that are un heard

How can you make a world in such a short time

and most importantly

If God made the world

who made


Author's Notes/Comments: 

if u are going to tell me that i need god in my life i don't want to hear it! cuz i am atheist. and well this is what i thought! and  i still think to this day!

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jodi's picture

Well people need to think theres some where to go after death. it gives people a kind of hope that there is some thing after death. its reasuring.