Thoughts Of Every Human Being


I think this world would be so much greater

If I ruled it

No pottery

No violence

No heartbreak

But honestly

It's not my problem

I have my own problems

I shouldn't even think about changing the world


I should be selfish 

and just live my own life.

 I can't change this world.

 I'm not going to be here forever anyway.

Its the next man's problem.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Why the world is, in its current state. I'm guilty of these thoughts as well.

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very apt thoughts.

very apt thoughts. fortunately, the world can boast of a few exceptions as well, those who keep the flames of hope burning for the rest of us :)

great read. best wishes :)

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Just By Breathing

... you alter the world, changing oxygen to carbon dioxide and pushing water into the atmosphere. You change the earth, you change the universe. Power is defined as the ability to change efficiently and alter the belief systems and actions around you. A matter of degree, actually. This poem changes the world - Just Bein' Stella