LIFE IS.........


Life isn't about keeping score. It's not about how many friends you have Or how accepted you are. Not about if you have plans this weekend orif you're alone. It isn't about who you're dating, who you used to date,how many people you've dated,or if you haven't been with anyone at all. It isn't about who your family is or how much money they have, Or what kind of car you drive. It's not about how beautiful or ugly you are. Or what clothes you wear, what shoes you have, Or what kind of music you listen to. It's not about if your hair is blonde, red, black, or brown, Or if your skin is too light or too dark. Not about what grades you get how smart you are,how smart everybody else thinks you are, or how smart standardized tests say you are. It's not about what clubs you're in or how good you are at "your" sport. It's not about representing your whole being on a piece of paper and seeing who will "accept the written you." Life just isn't.The Life Is but life is about whom you love and whom you hurt. It's about whom you make happy or unhappy purposefully. It's about keeping or betraying trust. It's about friendship, used as a sanctity or a weapon. It's about what you say and mean, maybe hurtful,maybe heartening. It's about what judgments you pass and why. And whom your judgments are spread to. It's about whom you've ignored with full control and intention. It's about jealousy, fear, ignorance, and revenge. It's about carrying inner hate and love, letting it grow and spreading it. But most of all, it's about using your life to touch or poison other people's hearts in such a way that could have never occurred alone. Only you choose the way those hearts are affected,and those choices are what life's all about.

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The beauty of this pure poetic gem is mind boggling. For the true beauty of life is not what you get in life but what you give in life. The human outer shell is nothing but the protectorate of where real beauty lies...within the sensuous heart.What a pure masterpiece this piece is!!! True beauty in life should never be measured by the number of breaths you take..........rather by the number of breaths you take away. Thank you for sharing Connie. Please take care and have a very beautiful and safe weekend.

Dave Richardson