A Maze


I wish I was in your heart,

I passed it briefly.

It is truly heaven.

Equipped with trust, passion, honesty

And devotion.

A bright warm light drawing me to it.

It wasn't my time.

A maze begins in your eyes and moves down

Its trick corners to your soul.

I'm lost halfway between friendship and


Another traveller is blocking the way.

She has her motive.

I am trying to backtrack and find

Another way to reach you.

If the traveller is unsuspecting

I may succeed.

Your heart may recall the feel of me.

Fearing the spirit of true love

You may bring up the walls once more.

I hope one day I find my way to passion

In you ... may your heart welcome me.

I will then be home.

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Brittany Bunker's picture

what a beautiful poem! =)