Dance for Me

Dance for me, my love.

Take pride in the woman you are

and flaunt your erotic nature.

Be the vamp, the flirt,

who winks from under the surface

of your Sunday School face.

Tease me, sexy lady.

Translate your passion into motion

and move in those exotic ways

you know will stir my desire for you.

Be the bad girl tonight,

and in your dance,

show no mercy.

Taunt me, sensual being.

Make me beg that you come to me.

Fuel my desire,

but do not heed my pleas.

Show me your power

and arouse my hungry,

for I will want you all the more

when my eyes behold

what I cannot not touch –

just out of reach,

your beauty overwhelms me.

Dance for me,

For I am yours.

* * * * *

Author's Notes/Comments: 

These words were said to me by my lover and turned them into poems, if a man could say these words to there woman they will be the happiest woman on earth.

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my style of writing to be

my style of writing to be sure.

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i love this piece
worth the reading