I'll tell you a Little Secret

Even though I don't think I Should

Not because I don't Trust you

But Because I don't think it's Good

I feel She's My Soulmate

My Angel from Above

She fills me with Happiness

As a Heavenly White Dove

She makes me think of Nights

Moonlit with a Breeze

She makes me think of RosEs

Luminous to the *E*

I wish to God She loves me

As I love her Dear Soul

Yet in My Mind I wonder

Is it in her Heart to say So

I think of all the Beauties

We would Lovingly Share

I think of the Burning Heart

I would Love to Bare

I hope you Understand

What my Captured Heart is trying to Say

She is my One and Only

But will it be that Way

I still remember those Beautiful Eyes

Which always change by Surprise

Eyes that look straight into your Soul

Enticing you to come out with it all

I feel for You, I admire you,

Do you know what you make me Do?

These words that seem to Rhyme

Speak of a Secret that lies Inside

Only *One* of True Compare

Can realize what is There

I feel Wrong, yet am Right like a Man

Whose Heart would Feel, to be a Crime

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My Brother wrote this poems to someone he loves and he wanted it on Post Poems so maybe one day his Friend will read it.Hope she did......

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awesome piece