I Know You're Out There, Somewhere ...


I know you're out there, somewhere...


I know that somewhere your heart beats

with every beat of mine.

Somewhere, I know you take a breath

for every breath of mine.

Perhaps, sometimes, your tears fall

for every tear of mine,

and, just perhaps, your eyes shine

with a sheen not unlike mine.

Last night I gazed upon the stars,

as I often do,

and wondered if the same starlight

was shining down on you.

I wondered if your heart needs mine

as much as mine needs you.

I wondered if you dream of me,

just like I dream of you.

I know not how I'll find you,

but one thing I know is true,

In this life or in another,

somehow I'll come to you.

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poetvg's picture

awesome poem
i loved it
i agree with
you on this poem