No One Can Compare


For all those nights you didn't sleep,

and days that wouldn't end.

I thank you for being my Mother,

and best friend.

For all the obstacles,

you've helped me overcome,

I thank you for 15 years of happiness,

and being a loving Mom.

For all that you've given me,

and taken from yourself,

Having you as my Mother,

I have all of the world's wealth.

For all the times you took care of me,

and put your own problems on hold.

I thank you for being my Mother,

you have a heart of gold.

For all the good things you've done for me,

and things you continue to do.

I thank you for being my Mother,

there's no one who can compare to you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-To My Mum
Amanda Jane Tabone

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This is beautiful and as a mother it means a lot...

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