Before I Knew You, I Had Always Loved You


Before I knew you, I had always loved you,

Even as I dreamed of whom I'd love.

My inner picture was a portrait of you

Years before your heart my heart would move.

Vistas of enchantment are but rarely

As we find them in reality.

Love with you is what I dreamed, but really,

Eden as no dream could ever be.

Nor is this the magic of the moment,

The proper costume for the holiday.

In words like these one finds the winnowed ferment,

Not of the desire, but of the way,

Else lost amid the longings of the day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This Was Written To My Husband Youssef.

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Rose's picture

This is a very old idea beautifully worked. I liked it very much

Maria Luana's picture

i really liked this arostic poem and especially the theme...the words you dedicate to your husband are beautiful...keep writing...