The Well

at the bottom of each well i've heard you'll find treasure,
through all of the darkness, through all you can't measure,
so sink down in silence, let darkness surround you,
and out of the blackness, you'll hear "I have found you"

this voice is familiar, to skin and to bone,
you listen in black, you find it's your own,
the coins you threw down, the parts that you buried,
discover these pieces, they're waiting, unhurried,

all hurt and all sorrow, all loss and all grief,
has come through the years to you like a thief,
and stolen some youth, some joy and some pleasure,
it's this at the bottom, this is your treasure,

so let yourself sink, draw the blinds, sit in darkness,
shut out all life, distraction and harshness,
alone in your sadness, don't force the "move on",
cause down there is meaning, all lyric, all song...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Emma, 15/12/76 - 22/1/12. Way too soon my friend. The first poem i've ever posted, please feel free to comment ad criticize constructively.

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this is

a real view of emotion, I am sorry for your loss,
I encourage you to continue with your development, you have evident skills, poetry is a real good way to constructfully release
and find solice to a certain degree...

I leave you with this passage


Pg 256

a few verses by Erika Rheinsch:
To open now my lips were vain indeed,
Nor word nor even kiss could e'er confess
What sighs and joy and grief and happiness
Would flash from me to you with lightning speed.
Nor hope nor pray'r can still the soul's desire,
For God Himself can never join us twain;
My bitter tears fall on my heart like rain
And cannot quench its all-consuming fire.
Oh! Now to break the spell—the storm to breast
With broken heart and life-blood ebbing fast,
Bearing the pangs of death for you, at last,
Dark troubled love—at last thou wert at rest!

The two powers, love and death, tower above human life fatefully and mysteriously; an isolated experience cannot appease them, they involve the whole existence. To the individual who loves with an all-absorbing love, and to the individual on the point of death, everything dwindles into insignificance. Before the majesty of the love-death life breaks down, to be laid hold of and transcended in a new (divined) sphere.


"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot