365 challenge



Boredom is stuck 

on a stool 

with nothing to do.


  A pause in a pale night.


A contingency

                               Pressure for measure


                                                    Into cursive happenstance.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

cursive for the challenge

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But it's a creative

But it's a creative "happenstance" Smile

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I Saw A Tee Shirt Today

"Bad times write in the sand, good times chip into stone" Cursive as the literary endeavor, the poet's ink is sooooooooo here - allets -





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thank you though sometimes I

thank you though sometimes I don't feel the ink. xP







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I Always Feel The Ink

lifestyle choice. Got novels to rewrite and copyright - always in the ink somehow - it becomes a mire, a bog, a quagmire and I need a break. I'm due for one soon. Peace and good hunting ~allets~




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I hope you get it xx

I hope you get it xx