Mortgage me poetry



Oh! there's that tune again,

the one where the words go

three, two, one,

nine, then ten,


It's sung by old women tea drinking,

(wishing it's gin),

By young women tripping over shoes,

day dreaming, not thinking,


And as the hop scotch breathes,

break, hang and on

such pauses,

I tack my life into bankers' fineprint clauses.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sorry but I hate those Nationwide poetry adverts. 

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Send Five Dollars

And we will publish your poem. I wonder about those too :D


great poem, well laid out - like the format, it rocks!




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Thanks allets xP

Thanks allets xP

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What Does xP Mean?

I am a dimwit on contractions and abbrevs and acronymns. - :D



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love Pauline

love Pauline