You engrave me

365 challenge

Desire ruts a groove so deep,

That in its darkness my weakness keeps,

Emotions moving, my

     Callous enigma,

Emerges on a thoughtless vale in winters sleep,

As a first flower breaks the barren ground,

The race; the rush springs up unbound,

Rages through with summer heat,

Actions heights I've no wish to reap,

Etched minutely,

My callow enigma,

Emanates memories now unwound,

The guilt of wrongness, my piercing crown,

And as those autumn flowers turn to frail,

I feel the strength green fields rail,

I vow, I vow and still once more,

I'll find and nil my feckless core.







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365 Poems


I finished the challenge/ I tested myself and call it victory!  So much promise in this poem - to "find and nil my feckless core." is so joyous, to end fecklessness. Callow/callous supplement each other beautifully and aesthetically. I hope you experiment with open or free verse - you say very well in blank rhymed verse - slc