The Gazebo

Love Poems
The copper penny sun sets
painting a cotton candy sky
while nickel colored currents 
meanders music softly by.
Saying hello with zeal,
a bling silver smile moon 
as lovers dance cheek to cheek
to an old familiar tune.
Then nightingale sings a chorus
to assist this sweetest romance
under shine of tender moon beams
that kisses softly as we dance
Stirred by hot white flashes
from lightning’s sizzle seize
a roiling distant thunder 
unfurling in the breeze.
Running for the old gazebo
rain begins its cool descent
as under a love spell betwixt
the lovers kiss is sweetly spent.

michael's picture

Just have to say.

I really like the alliteration in this poem. The sound the tongue makes throughout this piece is enjoyavle. I don't have to know the story to make its music ring out. Thanks.

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thank you

Michael! I sure appreciate your comment and thoughts on this poem.

Im glad you enjoyed it! 

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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"...rain begins its cool descent..." That is one really fine image - well said and how are you? ~A~



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I am alive,

Stella, thanks for asking.,I'm busy moderating the site I Told you about. It's growing. It's friendly and interactive.

How are you?


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....