Guardian. ( word Onyx)


She is a guardian

she will not surrender

she will not speak

cloaked with light

she carries weapons

her hands and feet are prepared

like twilight she announces herself

her shadow is a cold onyx razor

spirit dressed in bronze

a warrior and a messenger of love


who will see she is untouchable?


winged cloak of protection

words against the darkness

light is swaddled power

who  will find out their fate ?

she smiles with confidence

safely, she walks away 

peace follows in colors

fragrance of incense

chimes of victory

an angel walks into the night

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ashes Word challenge

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allets's picture

Fabulous Writing!

GREAT LAST LINE !  A wow factor moment.  Onyx razor - yes!!!'~A~



Sassylass's picture


you made me smile, thank,you!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....