Lyrical lyre captures

Wild horses surely tamed

Resonating spell

Hopeless resistance 

Transference magically 

Possessive rapture

Harmonious music draws

Lullaby allure with sleep

Drawn into decay

Orpheus calling

casting bewitchment

who can resist him?


© 2016, Cheryl Koomoa. All rights reserved.

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Seraphim's picture

A Thought

Apparently only the Maenads, as they killed him in Aeschylus' play Bassarids.

Perhaps they were too drunk to hear.

As always, enchanted with your work, it feels almost like a slow lullaby.

Keep writing!


Post Tenebras Spero Lucem

Sassylass's picture


If they weren't drunk with narcissism and hatred,jealousy,murder,clamoring, and other darkness ....but such is a lack of enlightenment to truth. Serephim is needed to slay sacred dragons, defending,and carrying the light to free the enslaved reprobates.

does this,perhaps explain the demise described?

after all we see it happening again and again on the news today.

i enjoyed your visit

please come with your light more often:)


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....