Today is thanksgiving... what are you thankful for? Tell your friends if your thankful for having them in your life.

I'm thankful for the friends I have, in fact I'd say that I am glad.  Thankful for my family and friends... I hope their love for me never ends. I'm thankful for all I've got, except this cold; filling my nose with snot! I'm thankful for the good weed I smoke, and that my friend... is no joke. I'm thankful for my dogs love to, and I'm thankful for knowing you.

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Haha I too partake. Perhaps

Haha I too partake. Perhaps you'd enjoy my piece "bliss". 

Nice to see you write on the days that mean a lot to many.

Well done! 

We'll just keep writing 'til there's nothing left to write.

We'll just keep waiting 'til they read all our works left to right.