NoBody's Birthday

Nobody’s Birthday

Sadly, today was my birthday, but no one could tell
I received no Happy Birthday’s, phone calls, or, no cards in the mail.
I felt like a nobody, it seems; I have no one who care’s
No one to remember, turning fifty; can be hard to bare.
I thought my Mom would remember; so I patiently wait
And, the call from my son and grand children, is only, a little bit late
I thought I had friends, people I’ve known, ten years or more
But I guess; remembering a friend’s birthday, is too much of a chore.
It’s nobody’s birthday, and nobody’s home
Nobody’s forgotten, nobody’s alone
Nobody’s seen family, but nobody hears
Not one happy birthday, reaches, nobody’s ears
Nobody notices, the pain felt inside
And, nobody cry’s, when nobody hide’s
Nobody’s alone, with people all around
Nobody doesn’t matter, so; nobody’s not found!

©09-04-2006 -Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

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lyrycsyntyme's picture

Really good and really sad. Would make for a very well written song lyric, for that matter. A feeling that to some degree i have known before, though perhaps not quite the same as you have written. Powerful and hopefully a reminder to people out there to care, and to show it.