Inspired by CHAR



I'm so depressed; since I lost you,

I don't care about anything, including me too.

and this would make most men even sadder

To you, Like our friendship, my health doesn't matter.

why go to the doctor and to get well

Go through the treatment, that will be hell.

If your not there, inspiring me

whats the point, I fail to see...

but I and our friendship wasn't worth your time

I was never your best friend, tho you were always mine.

Things I did for you, you didn't appreciate

and the way you treated me, wasnt that great!

You pretended love me, to get your way

games of the heart, you didn't need to play.

Anything you wanted, was my honor to grant

but being open and honest, you just simply can't!

without you in my life, it has no reason or meaning 

was the time we shared  together, only me dreaming?

I never gave up,  even with my heart in the dirt

I always had faith, even when my heart hurt. 

I wont try to see you or call you as well

without you, in my life I'll be living in hell!

So I say to you my last goodbye

To talk me out of it,  please don't try

Remember I'll love you unti my death

And I'll say your name with my last breath.


©Paul (Chrywizard) Posney 02/09/2018

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Friendship Lost

Mine keep dying. Everyone seems afraid tro love anymore - just a few is all they can handle and the circle diminishes annually. - slc