The Winter Heat 1981

To their own grace lies a mystery

Breaking influence and ground

Letting roots go down


And for this they're bare again

possessing fruit made of stone

Like an overlapping sense of unfairness

Drapping sadness; folding arms

And as the sun streaks, the ground freezes

smoke spills its musky air as

the cigarette sizzles to its death

in the snow;


It's an age of anger

and the anger race is revolutionized

Our concept of the structure and function

of this has changed;

the foreground of the branches in its

own lonesome season.

How sad 'is all.

Betting bottom dollars

Producing ailments in speech

You can taste affliction in your seats

But its the same as the lily

soaked in milk

Sort of dying its happy death.

22 out of 89 years

makes the music slide right.

Every piece

in short of breath

Making tone

making meek.

Sink down deep.

Sink down up.


And unfreeze


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...I always find an engaging read, you and forsakenkalika make my minutes art filled ~~A~~