I hope you see,

                What an inspiration you are to me.

                    You're the glue.

                  You've been tried and true.

                      You're the rock.

        Solid as a stone, A proud queen upon her throne.

              You are the island in the sea of chaos,

           the eye of the hurricane.  The one who handles all

                    the pain.

           The one who takes care of it all.  

          Without you, down it would all fall.

           You're strong as an eagle, light as a feather.

                 You are what keeps it all together.  

                 A fact very true,  

            Your family is very lucky to have you.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope everybody who read this visits her.  A very creative poet.
Lesa Gay.

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Chris what a very sweet honor you have given me today.

We all wander through our lives through our emotions. Lonliness, fear, joy, frustration, confusion, hope, and a range of other feelings I probably have not stated here.
We who have the need to express, find ourselves to poets page to somehow try to put everything in perspective. What you have read of me, is myself trying to do just that. What I have read of you, is yourself, also doing the same thing. We write in different ways but our hearts are the same. To be who we are, we must place the words.

This past year has been very hard for me. It seems I go from place to place, bringing words of yesterday and not finding new words of today. Writer's block that just will not seem to leave me. A line or two, but none that will fit together to make my feelings known. Words that have stood in files unread brought to the place of my beginning to be opened and read by a very sweet young man that has done so much to try to help me find the new of myself once again.

I thank you so much for your kindness and for remembering me in this way. It is an extreme honor to be recognized by you when those around me sometimes just do not see.

Today is the start of Hersh's week of Classic Cars. He has taken off work for the rest of the week and the weekend, so remember I will only be here as I can be.

Thanks again sweetie for this kind gesture of friendship.